If you want the latest technology, but you are on a tight budget, check out refurbished products. There are some highly reputable websites that sell these products with limited warranties. Most of the time, they’ll gladly accept returns on problem gadgets and computers, but the probability of you having any problems at all are slim.

Start With Expert  Reviews

Websites, like CNET, offer excellent expert reviews on various new technology. The reviewers often recommend refurbished versions because they believe the product is that good. They’ll rank gadgets and products by brand, quality, price and user satisfaction. It’s always a good idea to visit this website before buying any new technology products.

Ask Your Tech Friends Where They Shop

Tech people are notoriously good at finding great bargains on great stuff. Ask your tech friends where you can find good refurbished products that are still leading technology. They’ll probably direct you to a couple of websites with great customer service and prices. Technology people know what things are worth, so they definitely won’t pay too much for a refurb.

Since techies tend to buy lots of stuff, they will also have a strong opinion on the best brands. Find out which products they recommend. Once you’ve shopped and found what you’re looking for, ask your friend to give his or her review before you buy.

Finally, know when to buy the latest gadget. If it’s a brand new concept, it will probably have some issues that won’t show themselves until consumers have put it through the paces. The best example of knowing when to buy something is the iPhone. It almost always has kinks in the first go-round.