Air-conditioners are something most of us can’t imagine living without when the hot summer days come, and like other devices, they need some maintenance to keep working as they should. Looking after your AC unit is easy but it makes a huge difference in its lifespan and you get to save money because you won’t have to repair it as often as you would normally.

The good news is that maintenance is easy, but you’ll have to check both – the internal and external units when you do it. Here are some instructions on how to keep your heating and air conditioner working well for a long time.

Step 1 – Shut the power off

Working on an AC unit while the power is on is not a good idea. The unit has many moving parts that could hurt you, and besides, working on something that’s still plugged in is never smart. So, the first thing you should do is to turn everything off, including the breaker box.

Step 2 – Remove debris from the external unit

The external unit is bombarded with everything that the elements have to throw, which often leads to all kinds of impurities finding their way inside it. Get to your unit and remove all of the covers. Then, take a vacuum and try to remove all the dirt from the outside, as well as the inside.


When that’s done. get a garden hose and gently spray the inside to remove any dirt that’s left. Don’t use pressure washers as they can destroy the fins of the fans. A cleaning spray is also fine, just make sure it’s not super concentrated. The duct also needs some cleaning from time to time, but you should leave that to professionals. This duct cleaning Miami service will get things done in no time.

Step 3 – Straighten the fins

The fins can get damaged by airflow and dirt, which makes them less efficient as less air passes through them. Take a screwdriver or a butter knife and push it in between the fins to straighten them. Be gentles because the fins can get damaged easily.

Step 4 – Clear everything around the unit

When you clean the unit from the inside, and you put it back together, it’s time to clear everything around it. That includes leaves and debris like tree branches, grass, and anything else that could damage your AC unit.

Clear the area of at least 2 feet around the unit to make sure that it intakes air without anything else getting inside of it. The unit doesn’t work during the winter, so the best thing you could do is to cover the top of the external unit with a piece of plywood or a plastic sheet to protect it. Don’t cover it completely on all sides because that could lead to a moisture build up, and that leads to corrosion.

Step 5 – Level the unit perfectly

The external unit of your AC can settle with its foundations and that can cause plenty of issues with the compressor. When you’re done with the cleaning, take some time to check if the unit is still leveled. If not, level it once again and you’re ready to roll.