Have you ever give a thought to how you could take care of a cooling problem during hot summer days? Well, do not waste your breath anymore because a solution is within your reach. Getting an outdoor misting system or just a misting pump will take care of all your problems while adding a fun touch to your outdoor space.

A backyard, a garden, or simply a patio, you can install this system anywhere you want. Outdoor cooling is one of the latest trends and if you follow some easy instructions, you can quickly install an outdoors misting system and enjoy like never before. First of all, you need to take some measurements.

Do the measuring first

That is important if you want to cover the space that you want to cool completely. It is pretty easy and simple if you follow the manual properly as you install the system because it will be a bit difficult to make any changes afterward.

Hang the supporting lines

Now after the measurements, you can begin hanging the lines. That takes a bit of precision just like taking measurements and the proper way to do it is to hang them 8 inches above the ground.

That approximation is very important if you want your misting system to work properly. You will be able to do it by using special clips that will ensure a tight fit. These clips come with rubber so once you set them in position, they will hold tight. When everything is in place, you are ready to cool off.

Re-check the fittings

It is most recommended that you go with a standard compression fitting to create a fixed seal and there is a nut on the fitting that will enable the fixing. The tighter it is, the better it is.

A high pressure misting system needs the pipes fixed really tight in order for the system to work. Add more pipes for bigger lengths or simply adjust the length to your needs. The bigger the compression, the stronger the mist section will be.

outdoor misting

Hang the remaining lines

Now, in order to complete the first part of the job, you will have to hang the third line and then, install the fourth one. That is the moment where you have to make sure that all fittings are tightened enough. After you make all the checks, move on to the installing of the pressure tube.

Install the pressure tube and you’re set

The best way to do it would be to approach the pressure pump from the back to the misting lines. You will get all the necessary parts in the install kit and it is crucial that you firmly secure the installation in order to prevent it from moving. The vibrations from the pump can loosen up the fittings if you don’t secure them. This is perhaps the most important part when installing misting system as any movement might damage the installation. All you have to do now is connect compression coupling with the tubes, start the pump and watch the system work.